Murder in Zarzir: arrests became known

Murder in Zarzir: arrests have been announced

Police arrested three suspects in the murder of a representative of the Arab sector in the village of Zarzir in northern Israel.

The man was killed on Monday, September 20.

According to police, the three suspects & ndash; local residents aged 21, 26 and 50. They left the village after they attacked 26-year-old Fadi Grifat, inflicting a fatal wound on him.

Police stopped the car with all three suspects in the center of Israel. They will be interrogated, followed by a hearing in court regarding the period of detention.

Griffat was shot dead on the evening of September 20. He was found sitting in the car, after which he was urgently hospitalized, but the doctors were forced to ascertain the death of the guy. It was assumed that the attack on the man could be linked to organized crime. This version is being checked.

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