Munson intends to defeat Emelianenko by knockout in the upcoming fight

 Munson intends to knockout Emelianenko in upcoming fight

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is quite a spectacular sport, so it has a huge fan base. Some follow the events in this sector because of elementary interest, others – because they make online sports betting on the respective sites.

An exciting event awaits MMA fans on February 23. A duel between MMA veteran Jeff Munson and the famous Russian fighter Alexander Emelianenko is scheduled for this date. Opinions of analysts and fans on the results of the meeting differ. But, despite this moment, Munson is confident that he will be able to emerge victorious from the battle. He even made an official statement about this, which has already been heeded by the services where you can bet on MMA.

According to Jeff Munson, in this fight he plans to win by knockout. And the point here is not at all in rivalry or the desire to humiliate the enemy. The veteran assured that he had excellent, friendly relations with Emelianenko. Previously, athletes have already had to fight, and now Alexander wants to take revenge from Jeff. Munson joked that he would like to win this fight no less than his opponent. But, whatever the outcome of the fight, the rivals will still remain friends after the meeting and even intend to continue their common activities outside the ring.

Munson and Emelianenko are planning to hold a joint master class for Russian children involved in mixed martial arts soon after the meeting ends.

him ill-wishers and yellow press. It has nothing to do with sports. In addition, the Russian athlete is great with children. Therefore, a joint master class for little wrestlers will be held with a 100% probability. But first, Munson wants to defeat his opponent in a rematch.

According to Jeff Munson, he is not going to leave the decision to the judges, so he plans to end the fight only by knockout. At the same time, the athlete said that he was very worried about the upcoming meeting and believes that it will be one of the most difficult fights in his entire career in MMA.

How exactly the meeting between Munson and Emelianenko will end, one can only guess. After all, both opponents are quite strong and experienced, which means that the chances of winning are approximately the same for each of the fighters.

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