Muccino brothers, still freezing after more than 10 years: Gabriele speaks

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Muccino brothers, still freezing after more than 10 years: Gabriele speaks

They are brothers, both beloved in the world of cinema, but between them there is no longer any kind of relationship: they are Silvio and Gabriele Muccino, who for over ten years have cut off any connection and have stopped feeling and dating. A feud known to most, of which the elder of the two has returned to talk.

Gabriele Muccino, his life between career and family

After a long career, which saw him busy in Hollywood and on the sets of the most appreciated and loved films as a director and as a screenwriter, Gabriele Muccino has decided that the time has come to tell about his extraordinary life, retracing the memory between successes and sorrows.

So he let himself go and put everything in black and white in a book, his autobiography ‘La vita adosso’, and in a profound interview with Corriere della Sera, in which he did not even hide family problems that he has been carrying for many years now.

Don’t forget anything, Gabriele Muccino: from his debut on TV, to his extraordinary success in the cinema, his biggest dream, and his meeting with great names in the world of entertainment: Will Smith, now his great friend, and the unforgettable Mike Bongiorno. A fame which he reached even overcoming some obstacles, such as his stammering:

It was a big problem as a boy – He admitted – because I couldn’t socialize. In hindsight it was an extra push to make films.

Gabriele Muccino, the relationship with his brother Silvio

If within the world of cinema Gabriele has managed to build a dense network of relationships, both work and friendship, things are not going so well in the family. One of the more painful topics to touch, for him, is perhaps the relationship with his brother Silvio, with whom he has not spoken since the distant 2007. Over the years, between them, many moments of quarrel, which have led them to confront each other even in court because of very serious accusations.

Since then, according to what Gabriele reported, Silvio he has withdrawn from the whole family, interrupting relationships with parents too and leaving a great void and many question marks:

He made scorched earth around him, away from all those who loved him. His disappearance has torn the family fabric, everyone is missing a brother or son. It remains inexplicable, he will take stock of his life.

Gabriele then declared that he had tried, in recent years, to have contact with him, trying to bring it back together on the working level. However, he would never receive positive responses. In short, even after more than ten years, frost continues to reign between them: will they ever be able to find a meeting point?


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