MSU student decided to burn the office of Putin’s party, found explosives: details of scandalous business

Студент МГУ решил сжечь офис партии Путина, найдена взрывчатка: детали скандального дела

In Russia rattles the scandal with the arson and the manufacture of explosives, the main suspect was detained again

The MSU graduate student Azat miftahova – the main suspect in the case, brought in Golovinsky court of Moscow. He is suspected of arson of the office of “United Russia”.

Студент МГУ решил сжечь офис партии Путина, найдена взрывчатка: детали скандального дела

It is known that a few days ago a guy was arrested for manufacture of explosives directly at the dormitory of the Moscow state University. But then released. And here Azat again in court. Now he passes on article about hooliganism.

It is reported by the popular Russian telegrams channel Life Shot:

“MSU graduate student Azat Miftahova extended the detention for another 72 hours. Himself Azat Miftakhov doesn’t admit the guilt. Said that nothing was on fire”.

We will remind, the General said, who can kill with impunity Russian aggressor.

Ex-MP, Hero of Ukraine, General-Lieutenant Grigory Omelchenko wants the case to personally kill the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin:

“In April 2014 live stream one of the channels I just said, I knew that Putin was listening to that whenever possible Putin will be liquidated by me or my team. And it will all be in the framework of the current legislation and norms of international law “.

Студент МГУ решил сжечь офис партии Путина, найдена взрывчатка: детали скандального дела

He also added that from the point of view of international law, laws of war, national legislation and the Constitution, every citizen of Ukraine to the physical elimination of Putin is not committing crimes as it acts in a state of extreme necessity and necessary defense. But this, according to him, applies only to citizens of Ukraine.

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We will remind, in Dagestan, was found shot famous actress.

It is known that in the attempt to Machida Omarshanova suspected “United Russia party”.

Ex-husband, ex-Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan, member of the party “United Russia” Andrei shamkhalov — the main suspect in the case.

Then the killer shot Dagestani singer Machida Omarshanova and fled the scene in an armored Lexus LХ57. On the eve of the Dagestan star left lover, her ex-husband and ex-the Deputy from “United Russia” Jamaldini Shamkhalova.

We will remind, Zhirinovsky has disgraced the word about Ukraine, he must go to the cemetery.

As he wrote Politeka, released towards the Russian rocket burst rage Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that on the Crimean bridge, it turned out that was most afraid of Putin.

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