MRI Queue Buying Industry in Israel

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 MRI queue buying industry in Israel

Walla has published an article about the thriving “industry of reducing queues at MRI“ in Israel.

MRI – scanning of internal organs using magnetic resonance. There are only 42 MRI machines in Israel, one of the lowest rates of MRI per million population in the world.

All this means that thousands of patients have to wait for their turn for more than half a year if they order an examination through sick leave cash desks. As with any deficiency, this shortage has led to the flourishing of all sorts of dubious schemes.

for a round sum – from 3 to 6 thousand shekels. At the same time, the test, of course, is done in all the same public hospitals – at private “clinics” no MRIs. The consequence of this is an even longer waiting time in the “regular queue”.

Another way to bypass the queue is “MRI tourism” to Turkey. Private companies arrange a trip to Turkey, leaving on the morning flight, a taxi from the airport to the clinic, and a night flight returning to Israel. Such a study costs accordingly – many thousands of shekels.

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