Mr. Big from “Sex and the City” got into a sex scandal

Mr. Big from Sex and the City got into a sex scandal

American actor Chris Noth, known for his role as Mr. Big in the cult TV series Sex and the City, was accused of two rapes, which happened with a difference at the age of 11.

Two women approached the Hollywood Reporter and said that Chris Noth harassed them.

The first alleged victim said that Chris Noth molested her with kisses and obscene proposals in 2004. Then the girl worked in a company with which the actor collaborated. Through colleagues, he found out her phone number, regularly called and invited to meetings.

Once a girl came to return the book to Chris Note, then he began to pester her. The actor did not respond to requests to stop. The victim admitted that she asked to put on his condom, but Noth only laughed at the request.

The second incident took place in 2015. 61-year-old Chris Noth invited the young girl to dinner, and after that he invited him to his home under the pretext of listening to music. The girl said that she refused him intimacy because he was old and married. From that evening, she remembers Chris Noth taking off his trousers and attacking her. The victim fled in tears, and Chris Noth called her and tried to convince her that nothing had happened.

Chris Noth, in response to the accusations, said that it was slander. The actor stressed that he has nothing to do with harassment.

Despite this, the star's reputation has already been shaken. Peloton removed Chris Noth's fitness equipment ad following accusations against him.

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