MPs played football on the job, video

Депутаты сыграли в футбол прямо на рабочем месте, видео

The deputies decided to have fun and played football right in the session hall

The representative of the Scottish national party Hannah Bardell on his Twitter page has published a video in which she and her colleagues play football.

The deputies decided to note the establishment of the parliamentary women’s soccer team. On November 21 they were supposed to go to my first match, but it had to be postponed due to a vote in Parliament.

Депутаты сыграли в футбол прямо на рабочем месте, видео

The speaker of the house of Commons John bercow said he believes the behaviour of MPs is unacceptable, and he did not receive notice about the use of the courtroom after hours.

Депутаты сыграли в футбол прямо на рабочем месте, видео

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“This historic hall can be used for such events,” said Berko.

Later it became known that the deputies apologized for his actions.

We will remind, the football player made a hard act towards his opponent. During a match of the second League of the championship of Scotland between football clubs “Ayr United and Greenock Morton” had a nasty accident.

In the middle of the second half player “Greenock Morton” Gregor Buchanan tried to take the ball away from the striker “air United” Craig Moore. He fell to the turf, and Buchanan, trying to dislodge the ball, hit the opponent. This is a very angry Moore, and the heel hit in the groin Buchanan. Moore received the referee’s red card, and Buchanan – yellow. Fortunately, the injured player required medical attention.

Депутаты сыграли в футбол прямо на рабочем месте, видео

As previously reported, during a match of the second division between Rijnsburgse boys and AFC Amsterdam on the field ran Nude fan. The girl ran around the stadium with the flag and stopped near one player from Rijnsburgse. The player was confused and smiled at the girl. Cheerleader was not long to wait, ran to the end of the field and left the stadium.

Interestingly, despite the fact that she violated rules of conduct at a football match, no one from the police or the stewards didn’t stop her.

We will remind, during a match Portugal — Morocco in the world Cup in the stands there was a fight.

Prior to this it was reported that during a match of the 2018 world Cup, the players staged a real massacre.

Also Politeka talked about the ultras scuffle with the cops, which beat everybody.

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