MP came into conflict with the blogger live. Video

Народный депутат вступил в конфликт с блогером в прямом эфире. Видео

The reason for the dispute was the identity of Peter Poroshenko.

Hero of Ukraine Stepan Khmara and blogger Andrew Poltava had a fight in live TV channel ZIK. Stepan Khmara was outraged by the fact that the city protects Poroshenko, who is unable to provide Ukrainian citizenship to volunteers from Russia, Belarus and other countries, who are fighting in Donbas, protecting Ukraine, reports the with reference to the Informant.

A dispute occurred between the participants in the program “Play with fire”. Blogger Andrew Poltava said that Petro Poroshenko was not able to provide the Ukrainian nationality, Russians, Belarusians and people of other nationalities, participated in the fighting in the Donbass, protecting Ukraine only because they have not passed all the necessary procedures in the Migration service of Ukraine.

“If there was a law, Poroshenko easily be provided to all Ukrainian passport,” he assured Poltava. But Stepan Khmara said that the President has the right in exceptional cases and for certain services independently to provide Ukrainian citizenship.

He noted that in such cases no need to wait for the five-year period and all sorts of inquiries. “But they demanded that the man get help from our enemy, from a country that is at war against Ukraine” — outraged Stepan Khmara.

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He also called Andrew Poltava “prohibiton” and zarobitchanam, which has no right to speak about conscience. In addition, Stepan Khmara accused Poroshenko that he did not want to recognize Russia as an aggressor state. In turn, the blogger Poltava asked the Stepan Khmara not to distort everything and to “have at least a little conscience.”

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