Moving on to home testing

Going to home testing

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From this day on, vaccinated and recovering patients who have been in contact with a verified patient will be tested for antigen at home, and in case of a negative result, they will be released from isolation. If the test is positive, it will be followed by 10 days of isolation, followed by another follow-up test.

Unvaccinated citizens will be monitored for the antigen test, and patients at risk will undergo a PCR test. If the test is positive, they will also face 10 days of isolation, followed by another follow-up test.

Anyone who is vaccinated with only one dose of the vaccine is not considered vaccinated.

caring for a minor under 12 years of age or helpless, with a confirmed diagnosis, after the end of treatment, will undergo isolation for 14 days with the possibility of reducing the isolation period as a result of a control antigen test on the 7th day.

It should be noted that home antigen tests are funded independently, and control tests for antigens, in case of contact with verified ones, are funded by the state.

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