Movies and TV shows from Netflix, banned in different countries

Фільми і серіали від Netflix, заборонені у різних країнах

Full metal jacket
/ youtube

Netflix published its first list of content that was banned under the platform in different countries.

Vietnam banned the film Stanley Kubrick full Metal jacket, where they show the war in this country. In Singapore inaccessible picture Martin Scorsese’s the Last temptation of Christ and Brazil’s Latest Comedy the hangover, the series a Disjointed, documentary The Legend of 420 and show Cooking on High about meals from the pot.

In Germany you can not watch horror night of the living dead in New Zealand a documentary about the suicides of Cities.

In Saudi Arabia Netflix series the patriot act with Hassan Mnajem allowed with the exception of one episode in which Mnjadi criticized Riyadh for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. On assurances of Netflix, this is the only nine cases of blocking content through censorship. The company has promised to annually publish such reports.

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