Moustache presented in an unusual way: “the wound on nails”

Усика представили в необычном образе: «намотан на гвозди»

The absolute world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik has acquired a unique work of art

The American artist has depicted the Ukrainian boxer on the canvas with nails and threads.

The basis for the paintings were taken the photo of the Mustache, made after his victory against German boxer Marco Huck in the quarterfinals of the world Boxing series.

Усика представили в необычном образе: «намотан на гвозди»

Apparently, the artist, who is known under the name of Art by the Zen, personally acquainted with Alexander Usik.

This is evidenced by the signature below the post in the social network, which left the author himself.

“I like to publish the final results of my work. When you see the finished part, you remind yourself all the hard work you do to make it look like it is. Hard work pays off. Press ‘like’ if you agree.

That day when I met you (Alexander Usik – ed.) I promised to do for you”, signed photograph of the artist in Instagram.

Fashion and innovative technology of painting perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the victory of Ukrainians over the German. When creating such works, the artist drives nails into the canvas to sketch contour, and then gradually pulls them into one long thread.

The end result you can see for yourself.

Усика представили в необычном образе: «намотан на гвозди»

It remains to be seen whether the Tendril is a “sharp” portrait of the American as a gift. But his godfather and best friend Vasyl Lomachenko, who also painted the artist, his picture received.

Earlier we wrote that the world champion under versions WBA and WBO lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko became the subject of unusual works of art.

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Ukrainian boxer was presented with his stunningly accurate portrait, executed in an unusual manner. The image on the canvas was created with the help of nails and thread.

Unusual portrait of Lomachenko was created by artist and graphic designer Artbyzen working in Chicago and Milwaukee. Previously, he also showed how to create a masterpiece.

Усика представили в необычном образе: «намотан на гвозди»

Recall that the expert estimated the chances of the Barbel in superteach: “it’s too early to go to Joshua.”

As reported Politeka previously revealed the secret to winning Moustache: “the Fat champion bring exclusive”.

Politeka also wrote that Vladimir Klitschko’s chances of Usyk in the heavyweight division.

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