Mourinho with tears in his eyes: we wrote history

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 Mourinho with tears in his eyes: we wrote history

Star coach Jose Mourinho emotionally reacted to the victory of the Roma football club at Feyenoord from the scores 1:0. This is the coach's fifth European trophy, and the team became the first-ever winner of the Conference League. "We wrote history. This is a competition that we believed we could win from the very beginning. A lot is going on in my head right now. I feel like a real Roman,” he said with tears in his eyes. According to the coach, the team played 55 matches, the players came to the final very tired, but they tried not to show it and fought no matter what. “We have an amazing team. I'm proud of the guys. In the second half it was not easy for us, the opponent played very well, they forced us to make changes in defense. My compliments to Feyenoord,” added Mourinho.

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