Mount Meron will be closed to visitors: what happened

Mount Meron will be closed to visitors: what happened

The burial site of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Mount Meron will be closed to visitors until next Thursday unless liability insurance is extended.

According to Ynet, this is stated in an official letter sent to the Minister of Religious Affairs Matan Kahane.

Liability insurance & ndash; this is the so-called third party insurance. The insurer is liable to those who make claims to the insured.

It is clarified that the insurance companies refused to renew their obligations, and therefore can no longer be held responsible for what may happen on Mount Meron, where 45 people died in the disaster during Lag BaOmer.

The closure will take effect at midnight on December 16, if the problem is not resolved by then. The publication notes that Kahana is in favor of keeping Mount Meron open. The Minister instructed the experts to develop a plan in order to insure this place.

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