Motorcyclist charged with helmet-beating driver on Ayalon Highway

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 Motorcyclist charged with helmet-beating driver on Ayalon Highway

The Tel Aviv prosecutor's office has filed an indictment against 36-year-old Tel Aviv resident Eric Greenfeld, who was caught on video beating another man with a helmet.

In the indictment The report states that around 6 p.m. on 7 November, Greenfeld and the applicant were driving along the Ayalon Highway and stopped at the side of the road to exchange phones after Greenfeld stated that the applicant had hit his scooter.

an argument during which the complainant struck Grinfeld one blow to the face and Grinfeld, believing he had been injured by the blow, removed his helmet. While the two continued to argue, the applicant went after Grinfeld, grabbed his arm, who hit the applicant in the face with his helmet and left the scene. in response, he ran up to him and once again hit him with a helmet in the face. After that, Grinfeld started walking towards the scooter, when the applicant followed him and tried to turn towards him, in response, Grinfeld violently threw the helmet at the applicant's face, who fell on the road as a result of the impact.

In the indictment it is said that Grinfeld attacked the driver of the car, and 3 times hit him hard on the head with a helmet. The driver of the car lost consciousness and was hospitalized in Ichilov. The driver of the car worsened overnight and was admitted to the intensive care unit for several days after suffering from skull fractures and a brain hemorrhage.

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