Motley twins were born in Ichilov

Opposite twins were born in Ichilov

Al Ladovich, who was born with an anomaly of internal organs – she was found to have the so-called two-horned uterus of Dudelangev, gave birth to two children – a son and a daughter.

& ldquo; I I am sure that even if they have not met yet, they will be the best brother and sister, they will be friends, '' says Al Ladovich.

Dudelangev's uterus is a rare deviation in which a woman has two uterus, each uterus has a separate cavity and its own cervix.

Unlike all other twin pregnancies, in which the uterine cavity splits and the babies grow side by side, in this case the El twins first met only after birth.

This type of pregnancy is considered a high risk. Especially if the birth promises to be premature.

& ldquo; At the age of 20, long before pregnancy, I was told that I have two uterus, and all these years I was afraid that the baby would be in the right uterus, which is smaller, '' Al said.

& ldquo; At the first examination during pregnancy, the doctor nearly fainted, and it took him ten minutes to tell me that I had a fetus in my womb. Thus began my pregnancy full of anxiety. However, from the moment I began to see Professor Lyran Hirsch, I knew that I was in good hands and continued the pregnancy until the birth. ”

Due to the complexity of the case, very intensive follow-up was required. Finally, at 35 weeks, she underwent a caesarean section, which was performed directly by Professor Hirsch.

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