Motion-fixation suits from Avatar help investigate diseases

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 “Avatar” motion-capture suits help explore diseases< /p>

The motion capture technology used in the film “Avatar” James Cameron, scientists have adapted to track the progression of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This is reported by the BBC with reference to a study published in the journal Nature Medicine.

Using the latest technology, scientists will be able to track the development of diseases that prevent movement. These include any diseases associated with the brain and nervous system, heart, lungs, muscles, bones and a number of mental disorders.

During tests of the new system using artificial intelligence for analysis, British experts measured the severity of two genetic disorders is twice as fast as medical specialists. In the long run, this will help patients get the right support and treatment faster. In addition, it could halve the time and cost required to develop a new drug in clinical trials.

Professor Aldo Faisal of Imperial College was one of the scientists who came up with the idea.
< br /> “Our new approach brings out subtle movements that people can't catch. It has the ability to transform clinical trials and improve patient diagnosis and monitoring, — he notes.

Researchers at Imperial College first tested motion-sensing suits on patients with Friedreich's ataxia FA and Duchenne muscular dystrophy DMD in two separate studies. As a result, it was found that artificial intelligence can predict the exacerbation of the disease within twelve months, which is half the time that experts usually need.

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