Mother went mad and killed three children

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 Mother went mad and killed three children

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A 37-year-old woman from Eaterinburg killed her children: a five-month-old daughter and sons 10 and 15 years old. She texted relatives about the incident and also wrote a note in which she said that they were possessed by demons.

— During the inspection of the scene, modern forensic technology is used to fix the traces of the crime committed and to assign expert examinations on them. Demand characterizing material in relation to the specified family. In the course of the investigation, the causes and conditions that led to the tragedy that happened are also being clarified, —

Yekaterinburger Anastasia Petrova, who killed three children— six-month-old daughter and two sons aged 10 and 15 — told the police why she committed the crime. She tried to justify herself by saying that she had a serious illness.

— I, Anastasia Petrova, killed my children because I am seriously ill and I have no one to take them into care at such a difficult time, — the note says.

According to the E1.RU source, the woman's mind went off on religious grounds. Many icons and religious objects were found in her apartment.
Anastasia left two posthumous notes: for her husband and for relatives. In her opinion, demons moved into the children, and she saved them from a terrible fate. When the 37-year-old woman sent the notes to her relatives, they immediately called the police, but it was too late.

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