Mother saves 15-month-old son by fighting tiger with bare hands

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 Mother saved her 15-month-old son by fighting a tiger with her bare hands< /p>

Archana Chowdhary was in the field with her son Raviraja when a tiger, believed to have come from a nearby game reserve in Madhya Pradesh, came out of the bush and attacked the child.

The Times of India reported that the tiger grabbed the child's head with its teeth and tried to drag it away, but the mother rushed at the predator and began to fight back. Her cries for help were heard by other villagers who managed to drive the wild animal away with sticks.

The woman's lung was punctured, and there were lacerations all over her body from teeth and claws. Her son was injured in the head. A doctor told the publication that both are being treated in the intensive care unit and receiving anti-rabies injections.

According to the Times of India, a search is underway for the tiger to push it back to the reserve.

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