Mother decl revealed the cause of his death: “Complained of pain”

Мать Децла раскрыла причину его смерти: «Жаловался на боли»

Mother is a famous Russian artist Kirill Tolmatsky (decl) Irina announced the cause of death

This is reported by Russian media.

“Cause of death — overload. In the last six months wrote two of the album. When some complained that the hand was sick and foot,” she said.

Мать Децла раскрыла причину его смерти: «Жаловался на боли»

Also, the woman said that Tolmatskogo could not die because of the use of alcohol or illicit substances, because the forensic did not find them in the blood of the singer.

As you know, on 3 February in Izhevsk died suddenly rapper Decl. Cyril Tolmatsky was 35 years old. Immediately after the concert at a private party he felt ill, went to the dressing room and died there.

What could stop a heart from a young artist? The experts found no prohibited substances in the blood of Cyril. Moreover, friends and relatives of the artist say that the rapper did not use drugs (contrary to the opinion of the haters).

As an option – decl heart couldn’t take the pressure and stress on the background of an overloaded schedule. But some believe that it is not so simple. So, producer Andrey Razin was of the opinion that Cyril was able to poison enemies. Lately the artist has been successful, creatively charged and optimistic. He had just reached a new level in his career, showed great promise, and maybe someone decided to stop him to go further.

Additionally, the fans of rapper decl (Kirill Tolmatsky) still can’t get over it and believe that their idol had suddenly died.

There was speculation that the death of Cyril might be violent. Investigators are checking, and fans of the rapper after the tragic events in Izhevsk on 3 February recalled how and who started Decl. Among those who acted with him in the early 2000s, was a beautiful and talented girl Marina Simanovsky, speaking under the pseudonym of Ma.EN.Xia.

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Мать Децла раскрыла причину его смерти: «Жаловался на боли»

We will remind, at the funeral decl saw a terrible sign.

As reported Politeka, at the funeral of father decl look black from a grief.

Politeka also wrote that the father of decl first saw grandson at the funeral.

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