Most of the Irkutsk mobilized who turned to Putin died

News » Incidents Most of the Irkutsk mobilized who turned to Putin died

Most of the Irkutsk mobilized from the 1439 regiment, who complained several times about threats from the command, died during the assault on the Avdeevsky fortified area. This was reported by relatives of two military men to Sibir.Realiyam.

shrapnel, in the hospital. He says there is nothing left of the regiment. So far, only two of the wounded are known, the rest either died or were left there in a difficult situation. He's only given a week! Then again they will throw “on the front”, – said the wife of one of the mobilized.

The mobilized from the Irkutsk region appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin three times: twice they recorded video messages, the third time their wives sent a written appeal to the online reception of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office.

The military claimed that the commanders of the “DPR” shoot at them from machine guns for refusing to go to the assault units. The appeal said that the evacuation groups of the “DNR” take from the battlefield only their fighters and the military with minor injuries. According to the mobilized, seriously wounded and killed Russian soldiers are not evacuated because they are “afraid of losing equipment”.

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