Most energochemie in 100 days: Mask is already ahead of the time

The founder of Space X and Tesla Elon Musk, who promised to solve the energy problem of the state of South Australia in 100 days, is already ahead of time.

Найбільше енергосховище за 100 днів: Маск вже випереджає терміни

In March, Vice President of Tesla energy products Lyndon Rayv said that will be able to build the station, which will solve the energy problem in South Australia for 100 days.

Co-founder of the Australian company Atlassian Mike Canon-Brookes said Mask, whether these are real numbers, and Tesla is ready to perform work in time, if Kenon-Brooks will help with the funding and political issues.

Musk said that the store will be ready in 100 days from the date of signing the contract, otherwise all the work will be free.

In July, Tesla won the tender, the contract was signed. According to Bloomberg, now half energochemie ready, and Tesla is ahead of the promised Musk time.

Energochemie will be paired with a wind farm. Together they will be able to generate 129 MW•h, which is enough to provide electricity to 30 million homes. For this number of buildings a year ago, disappeared electric current. This has forced politicians in the state to think about the transition to renewable energy.

The state has not had the infrastructure to migrate to this and had energograd. If all goes according to plan, the station will be ready by December: during this time, South Australia’s peak energy consumption.

In addition, Musk said that it will be the largest station with lithium-ion batteries in the world. It exceeds the capacity of the nearest competitor by 3 times.

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