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 Mossad tried to capture Hamas agents in Malaysia - media< /p>

Palestinian from Gaza detained by alleged Mossad agents in Malaysia and released by the country's security services.

This is reported by the Jerusalem Post with reference to the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times.

in the style of kidnapping men from Gaza whose ties to Hamas were allegedly the subject of a Mossad investigation.

Four Malaysian mercenaries, allegedly acting on behalf of the Mossad, allegedly approached two Palestinian citizens who were reportedly experts in computer programming. They dragged one into a car, warning the other to stay away, and drove him to a secret location, where he was allegedly tied up and forced to answer questions via video link with Israeli agents.

Malaysian security forces free Palestinians and arrest suspected Mossad operatives 24 hours later, as the second suspect filed a complaint with the Kuala Lumpur police station about 40 minutes after the abduction.

As the Jerusalem Post notes, the Hamas terrorist group has established a network of offices around the world, and this network extends up to Malaysia. This country, which has no ties to Israel, is considered “sympathetic” Palestinians.

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