Mossad shed light on the terrorist attacks in Argentina in the 90s: new findings

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 Mossad sheds light on terrorist attacks in Argentina in the 90s: new findings

Iranian agents were not directly involved in the terrorist attacks in Argentina in the 1990s. According to the New York Times, this is stated in a new Mossad report. In 1992, 29 people died when a bomb exploded at the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Two years later, a suicide bomber blew up a van filled with explosives, destroying the AMIA Jewish community center and killing 85 people. It is specified that Hezbollah operatives were behind the explosions, and Iran only provided funding and training, contrary to initial conclusions. It also refutes the conclusion that local residents were involved in the attacks. It was assumed that Iran used its diplomats among the local population. “Only the operatives of the Hezbollah foreign operations unit took part in the attacks, without any participation of local residents,” — said in the report. The Mossad's findings were based on information from agents, interrogations of suspects, surveillance and wiretapping, according to the outlet. It is specified that the same terrorists also blew up a Panamanian plane a day after the AMIA attack, killing 21 people on board, including 12 members of the Jewish community. Mossad investigation showed that Hezbollah created the infrastructure for possible terrorist attacks in South America as early as 1988, exploring possible locations, setting up front companies, and taking notes on border security. The terrorists managed to smuggle explosives hidden in shampoo bottles or chocolate into Argentina on commercial flights from Europe and then hide them in a park. According to the Mossad, other bomb-making materials were acquired through a front company. No warning to citizens ahead of first attack, preceded by assassination of Hezbollah chief Sheikh Abbas Mousavi was not. The then head of the Mossad received word of a possible threat in South America, but focused on watching Iran rather than Hezbollah. It is also specified that another explosion was planned in Bangkok. Those involved in the attacks continue to live at large in Lebanon to this day.

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