Moscow: the chef stabbed the director of the restaurant

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 Moscow: a chef stabbed the director of a restaurant

In Mytishchi, a female cook killed the director of a restaurant.

The incident took place on January 4 in the khinkal “Tbiliso”. A video circulated on the networks in which a man beats an employee, after which she rushes at him with a knife. Colleagues tried to separate the participants in the conflict, but at that moment the director of the restaurant had already been injured several times. Moments later, he is on the floor covered in blood.

A REN TV source familiar with the situation said the man died before the ambulance arrived. At the same time, the worker who stabbed the cook fled the scene. The 36-year-old suspect was detained in hot pursuit at the entrance of her house, and then taken to the department for further investigation.

According to Russian media, we are talking about a “foreigner”.

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