Moscow pop decided to follow in the footsteps of Putin: “this is why were Tomos”

Московский поп решил пойти по стопам Путина: "Вот зачем нужен был томос"

In the Internet appeared the video, as one Moscow pop in disgraced words that were previously said by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

About this informed the journalist Denis Kazan.

“A senior Moscow clergyman Vsevolod Chaplin at the meeting urged to seize Kiev. That’s why need was Tomos. There can be no place in Ukraine abominable sect, which are such priests. This fascist mug with Christianity? Nothing,” he said.

Note that the published video was the reason for caustic comments from the users of the network.

“This is a game”, “the priests of the Horde. Here it buckles”, “I banish you, evil,” “he religion zero”, “you see, what pop is belligerent. Evil Orthodox”, “back to the Horde to Russia are gathered. Again from East to Kiev climbs evil,” they write.

As previously reported, the online network are angered by the behavior of the Moscow priests during the Holy feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Московский поп решил пойти по стопам Путина: "Вот зачем нужен был томос"

Appropriate post posted blogger Vitauskas.

“And they still have something to talk about the crucified in panties boys?”, he said.

Note that the published photo shows how children plunge into the hole. Some of them do it Moscow priests. This was the reason for the sharp comments from the users of the Internet network.

“In the hole of sharks is not enough”, “two priest as pedophiles look”, “bigots ordinary”, “move to privselyudno murder”, “the child from such procedures, you can once or twice to stop,” they write.

We will add, in the diocese of Vinnytsia congregation blocked the door to the temple, where he served as a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate, because part of the village of Lukashivka in favour of local Ukrainian Church

Now the villagers and the Abbot waiting for Saturday, when the meeting of the people will vote, what kind of jurisdiction they need.

Father Fyodor Rastorguev quarrel with the parishioners, because of the inhabitants of Lukasowka began to speak for the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. To annoy the Abbot, the door to the temple was blocked.

“I arrived, and the temple can not enter like a normal person – replaced the lock, and the altar of the locked door,” says the priest.

We will remind, the Moscow priest destroyed the Ukrainian Church for the sake of revenge is in full swing scandal.

As reported Politeka, ptsu responded to wedding and baptism in the MP.

Politeka also wrote that Moscow priest found an Arsenal of weapons in the Lviv region.

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