Moron, b**th! Putin at the epicenter of the scandal in Russia

Дебил, б**ть! Путин в эпицентре скандала в России

Popular Russian singer Alexander Marshal wildly to embarrass a statement about the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

The ridiculous statement about Vladimir Putin, he made in an interview with popular Youtube blogger Yuri Dude.

In particular, Alexander Marshall, said all those who don’t like Vladimir Putin, unable to leave Russia.

Дебил, б**ть! Путин в эпицентре скандала в России

Answering the question of the interlocutor, whether he is a supporter of Vladimir Putin, a well-known musician Alexander Marshall forwarded the question to the journalist: “I don’t understand, but who is not a supporter? You don’t? Well then why do you live here? Go to another country, live there.”

In response to a clarifying question, does the performer that the country should live only according to the power of the people, Alexander Marshall replied: “No, why. If you don’t like something, go outside, ask, say, “Let us”.

Ridiculous statement Marshall about Vladimir Putin angered social media users. In particular, the scandal has responded to a Russian journalist and opposition activist Alexander Centurion who asked why Alexander Marshall performs on stage with only a guitar in the West.

“Hey, you, singer rakoobraznye, what are you doing on stage with a guitar fiend in the West? So the next time out with the balalaika, ratchet and spoons, and ties the piece that stuck out more than the peacock feathers. And that howled into the microphone LOMO. And that was recorded on a tape recorder “Jupiter”. And clips film “Svema”. Moron, b…be,” wrote the Centurion in his Facebook.

Дебил, б**ть! Путин в эпицентре скандала в России

Дебил, б**ть! Путин в эпицентре скандала в России

Дебил, б**ть! Путин в эпицентре скандала в России

We previously reported that Vladimir Putin funny Russian visit to Kazan. About this Bravo has reported in his personal microblog on Twitter ordinary Russian propagandist Dmitry Smirnov, continue to call themselves “journalist of the Kremlin pool”.

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“Vladimir Putin today in Innopolis near Kazan will hold a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, will meet with representatives of the public and the team “KAMAZ-master”, — he wrote in Twitter.

Users reacted with humour to the next PR of the Kremlin. Some commentators have suggested that Vladimir Putin continues to mindlessly spend budget money and time of other people.

Recall that the double of Putin lit the Golden gate bridge.

As reported Politeka, Putin will “help” the lovers not to get pregnant.

Politeka also wrote that Putin could face the fate of Jeanne Friske, and reveals the dependence of the Russian President.

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