Morning habits that help to lose weight quickly

Утренние привычки, помогающие быстро похудеть

If you are one of those people who can’t lose weight, you need to change your habits.

Start in the morning and replace part of their routine cases to those that will contribute to weight loss. Then gradually you will be able to effortlessly lose excess and, more importantly, not gain weight again, reports the with reference to

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Do not skip Breakfast. Otherwise, you certainly will overeat during the day. Eat (coffee is not food) anything in the first couple of hours after lifting.

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Don’t spend the morning cooking Breakfast. Pour boiling water over oatmeal in the evening. So you don’t miss Breakfast. Add nuts, fruit and cinnamon and you will get much more tasty and healthy dish, than any nonsense, bought in the vending machine at work.

— 3 —

Add the protein. It will help to stay longer fed. But give preference to high-quality protein sources: eggs, fish, yogurt.

— 4 —

Forget about the rolls. Sweet curvy buns may look attractive, but this is not the best Breakfast option (as, indeed, and lunch or dinner). Eat balanced meals, such as grilled salmon on whole wheat bread.

— 5 —

Drink green tea. Because it contained catechin, tea accelerates metabolism and promotes the burning of fat.

— 6 —

Eat Breakfast sitting down. No matter how hectic it may seem, the morning, find 10 minutes to eat in peace. Sit down and focus on the food and fun, and the saturation will be more.

— 7 —

Wake up early. Statistics show that those who Wake up early are slimmer and happier. Let this be incentive for you to become a morning person and set my alarm early.

— 8 —

Remind yourself of the goal. Install the smartphone application that will remind you about your calorie consumption. Or stick a piece of paper with this number in a prominent place. This will help you during the day to give preference to useful products.

— 9 —

Weigh yourself regularly. This will help you not to forget about the need to eat properly. At the same time you will never become one of those who “suddenly” gained 15 extra pounds.

— 10 —

Open the curtains. As soon as I get out of bed let in the natural light. It will help to normalize circadian rhythms and metabolism. You will feel better and have less.

— 11 —

Drink a glass of water. Water and refresh, and accelerate metabolism, and improve performance. Develop the habit of drinking more water.

— 12 —

Meditate. Start your morning with meditation: focus on breathing and pleasant thoughts, and better — it will stop the internal dialogue. Reducing stress levels will help avoid fat accumulation. A positive attitude will replace sweets.

— 13 —

Practice on an empty stomach. While you are still hungry, go to the expense of that is fat reserves.

— 14 —

Get dressed before Breakfast. Forget the pajamas and the Bathrobe during Breakfast. Dress is beautiful and elegant, even if you don’t have to go to work today. This will help you feel more attractive and self-possessed and save you from overeating.

— 15 —

View something funny. Long known that 10 minutes of laughter replaces Cup sour cream, but do not add calories! In contrast, 10 minutes of viewing funny videos or pictures you will burn 20 to 40 calories. Most importantly — lots of it, with a laugh.

— 16 —

Add pepper. First, it will make delicious scrambled eggs, avocado, and sandwiches. And secondly, the active ingredients of black pepper will prevent the formation of new fat cells.

— 17 —

Add cinnamon. It helps to control appetite.

— 18 —

Keep protein bars handy. This is a good option for those times when you overslept and can’t have Breakfast. Only choose bars wisely (no extra calories), and better prepare yourself.

— 19 —

Do not separate the yolks. Many of those who want to lose weight, abandon the yolks and eat the whites only. However, the yolks in addition to calories and fat, contain the bulk of the nutrients eggs. It is better to eat fewer eggs, but whole.

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In any case, sleep well. If you decide to get up early to exercise, to cook a delicious Breakfast or meditate, remember that it needs to go to bed earlier. Sleep as much as you may want all day to stay awake and full of energy.

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