Morgenstern's tattoo was seen as a “narcotic” message

 Morgenstern's tattoo was seen as a

In the tattoo of the Russian rapper Alisher Morgenstern, they saw a “narcotic” message.

According to TASS, the performer became a defendant in an administrative case.

In particular, law enforcement agencies saw drug propaganda in his hemp leaf tattoo. Morgenstern pleads not guilty.

It is clarified that the reason for initiating a new case was the conclusion of a comprehensive linguistic and botanical examination of the Naberezhnye Chelny State Pedagogical University, whose specialists “revealed” that along the edges of the tattoo on the rapper's chest ” depicts a plant similar to hemp. According to lawyer Sergei Zhorin, this decision will be appealed.

“Not finding drug propaganda in Alisher's texts, the police major showed “creativity”; and saw a tattoo on Morgenstern's body in one of the clips, according to which he appointed a botanical examination. It turns out that in the presence of this tattoo, no matter what Morgenstern says, according to the policeman, all this will be drug propaganda. This is absurd”, — he noted.

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