More than half of Israelis say reform should be stopped – poll

News » Life Style More than half of Israelis believe reform should be stopped - poll

legislation should be shelved, while 36 percent believe it should be completed.

27% of Likud voters support stopping the reform and abolishing it, while 58% would like it to be completed in accordance with with a plan.

Poll participants were asked what they think about negotiations with the opposition. The majority – 60% believe that it is necessary to stop the progress of the reform for the sake of negotiations, and 32% demand to continue the procedure and simultaneously conduct negotiations. Among voters "Likud" Opinions were almost evenly divided, with 44% in favor of stopping and 45% in favor of continuing.

46% of those surveyed have a negative view of the reservists' protest calling for resignation, compared to 42% who support this protest .12 percent of respondents answered that they had no opinion on this issue.

In addition, respondents were asked to answer what they think about the trip of the Prime Minister and his wife to Italy. More than half of the voters consider the trip to Rome a waste of public money these days. About a quarter of respondents say a political visit is important.

Also, over a quarter of Likud voters think the trip is a waste of public money, compared to 35% of those who support the statement about the importance of the visit. 26 percent answered that they had no opinion on this issue.

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