More than 90% of German Jewish pensioners live below the poverty line

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 More than 90% of German Jewish pensioners live below the poverty line

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According to the Central Board for the Welfare of Jews in Germany, more than 90% of Jewish pensioners live below the poverty line. While one in five German pensioners live below the poverty line, this number increases to 9 out of 10 with study of the country's Jewish community, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

The Central Welfare Board studied the poverty rate among 70,000 Jews in Germany over the age of 67 out of a Jewish community of 90,000, including many Holocaust survivors. According to the organization, 9 out of 10 live on less than 1,135 euros a month. To help older Jews lift themselves out of poverty, the Central Board of Social Welfare has called on the German government to offer a one-time tax-free five-figure payment.

“They need enough money to live in old age without relying on basic social benefits,” – said the organization, urging the government to provide stipends to Jewish pensioners to “cope with the rising cost of living, and to ensure that their electricity is not cut off if they cannot pay their electricity bills.”

One of the most The big problem for its aging Jewish population in Germany is that many of them immigrated from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of Eastern Europe, where pensions cannot be fully transferred to their place of residence. The Central Board of Social Security considers that an amount which “reflects the historical responsibility for the restoration of Jewish life in Germany”.

“Too often the Jews suffered from a significant deterioration in their social position”, – the organization said. “The hardships they endured must be acknowledged”.

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