Moore behaves like a typical candidate-spoiler – Zubchenko

Мураев ведет себя как типичный кандидат-спойлер, - Зубченко

Presidential candidate Eugene Moore always becomes the hero of scandals, writes in his Facebook political writer Alexander Zubchenko

As an example, Zubchenko in the first place gives a public denunciation of Viktor Medvedchuk, which Moore announced the TV channel “Our”.

“Just what is the “trick”, as they say in the team Peter? That Moore right from the start of the campaign immersed himself in provoking scandals. He is not so much campaigning for himself, but attempts to attack Medvedchuk and other opposition politicians. Indeed, before him no one had ever thought to name the denunciation of the SBU on TV. In this area of Eugene has established a real “record” snitched on Viktor Medvedchuk, the TV channel “Our,” which he also belongs,” reminds the writer.

Zubchenko draws attention to the illogical behavior of the candidate — the Moore goes to the polls in the form of opposition, but criticizes Poroshenko, and attacks on prominent opposition politicians.

“Please note that Moore plays the role of an opposition presidential candidate, but “catchy” is not Poroshenko, and representatives of the opposition. Like someone gave him the task to fight against the government and against the opposition presidential candidates. The conclusion is that Moore is no opposition, and behaves like a typical candidate,”spoiler”. That is a technical candidate who was hired for the sound of “black PR” against opponents of the current government”, — said the journalist.

That is why, said Zubchenko, Moore “snitched” on Medvedchuk in the SBU.

“So he knocks on Victor Vladimirovich to the SBU. Therefore, the receive channel to perform the tasks”, — the journalist has deciphered the behavior of the candidate.

Zubchenko says that the scandal-Murewa with the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov erupted because of the impropriety of environment of the candidate. Assistants Mureva not paid for the work of the staff campaign. In response, one of the headquarters staff, the political scientist Andrey Mishin directly on television exposed Murewa, saying that his campaign Finance business partners to the interior Minister and the Governor Arsen Avakov provides a “political roof”.

“However, a number of scandals around Murewa broke out because of the impropriety of his entourage. For example, a political scientist Andrey Mishin in an interview with the Russian TVC revealed the background of “opposition politics”: political Saraevo roof provides interior Minister Arsen Avakov, and Finance its business partners from among the Armenian Diaspora. In response to “our” candidate called him a “fallen man.” But Mishin said that in fact, together with colleagues a few weeks working in the campaign headquarters Murewa, where they just “threw” not paying for work. But to this accusation Eugene didn’t even find what to answer. As for me, it’s better to pay it back. Wow at least some “professional guidelines” to follow,” wrote the political writer Alexander Zubchenko.

Recall that Moore took in the party “Our” anti-Semite, of which the politician was expelled from the opposition bloc.

As reported Politeka, supporters Murewa refused to let in Russia, by the denunciation of their leader in the SBU.

Also Politeka wrote that the expert said that Moore dropped out of politics because after the sanctions Russia will not be able to solve the issue of peace.

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