Montica excited photo of his wife: I Want my family to remain a family

Монатика взволновало фото жены: Хочу, чтобы семья осталась семьёй

The artist does not advertise his personal life, whether it is his wife

Ukrainian popular multi-artist Dmitry Montik, prefers not to show his wife Irina and children.

So recently, the award-winning M1 Music Awards “Best project of the year” for his work with Nadia Dorofeeva “Deep” Monatic became more popular in Ukraine and abroad – the number of curious about his personal life growing:

“Every year I am more and more immersed in show business, I’d like to see the family remained family, not part of the show”, — says Dmitry.

Монатика взволновало фото жены: Хочу, чтобы семья осталась семьёй

But his wife Irina recently could not resist and posted it on Instagram a romantic photo with her husband from the dressing room after the ceremony of awarding the above prizes:

“For me, and all our Dmitry Montik is the best! The artist, the man, man!” — signed photo of Irina.

It is known that Irina Demicheva working in a team with Dmitry, is its Director, chief Muse and the mother of two sons. Dmitry and Irina married in 2015. In the same year they had their first son. And two years later they have become the parents of another boy:

“It’s just an amazing woman, I was incredibly lucky. She is the embodiment of all that should be in the woman to me. She walked with me all the fire, copper piping, everything that was. We started in a rented apartment, where we had only a mattress. We were all together, every step. I can’t cherish this moment, because she was with me when I was with absolutely hands down, she was the one who said that I will succeed that I can. What would have happened of difficulty, and there are many people I can always rely on his wife … Yes, even just to talk, to pour soul” — shared Dmitry Montik.

Монатика взволновало фото жены: Хочу, чтобы семья осталась семьёй

We will remind, in Kiev sports Palace was held the fourth ceremony of the M1 Music Awards, where Monatic introduced a “Something crazy”. Just a day speech on YouTube gained tens of thousands of views.

We will remind, recently Russian singer, Gluk’oza, boasted figure in cinematic dress.

Russian pop singer Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known as Glucose, stunned its subscribers in Instagram.

A new photo of the actress in latex dress caused a storm of emotions among its fans and users in General.

So on his personal page in Instagram celebrity told that it is ready for the New year and chose my outfit for the party on the celebration.

Natalia made a “selfie” in the mirror in a dress with bright colors:

“My new year’s costume ready,” was signed by the celebrity.

Some members praised the perfect figure of the singer, shalili her hudbu, harmony and taste, while others criticized the selection process:

“New year without underwear?”, “Cool dress in a fancy shape, you Have a perfect figure!”, “Porn this”, “Like a cabbage leaf,” wrote the user.

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