Monkeypox Vaccination in Israel: Side Effects Became Known

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 Monkeypox vaccination in Israel: side effects reported < /p>

The Maccabi Health Insurance Fund conducted a survey regarding side effects within seven days of receiving the monkeypox vaccine. It is reported by Israel Hayom. The result of the survey showed that 21% of the respondents did not have any side effects. 74% of those surveyed reported experiencing pain at the injection site, 22% reported stiffness, 20% swelling at the injection site, 7% localized redness and swelling, and 6% itching. Regarding general symptoms, 62% of those vaccinated had none at all. 27% of respondents reported weakness and increased fatigue, 11% – muscle pain, 9% – headaches, 6% – diarrhea, 5% – nausea, 4% – loss of appetite, as well as swelling of the lipoma, 3 % – about chills and pain in the joints. 1% of those surveyed reported skin rashes and redness of the eyes. In terms of duration of symptoms, 3% resolved within 24 hours. 39% of respondents reported that the symptoms resolved within 2-3 days, 19% – within 6 days, 22% still have them.

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