Monkeypox: the EU decided to purchase a vaccine

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 Monkeypox: EU decides to buy vaccine

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The European Union decided to purchase vaccines and antiviral drugs to fight the outbreak of monkeypox. According to Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's Vaccine Coordinator Richard Bergstrom says “After several meetings, it was decided that we would buy both the vaccine and the antivirals,” — Bergstrom said. In particular, the EU intends to buy Imvanex and Tecovirimat vaccines from Bavarian Nordic and Siga Technologies. So far, no contract has been signed with any of these firms. “We should have a contract ready in about a week and maybe some limited deliveries as early as June,” — he added. The Imvanex smallpox vaccine is approved in the US for prevention. In the EU, doctors may offer it off-label. To date, more than 200 confirmed cases of monkeypox infection have been recorded in the world in 19 countries.

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