Monkeypox outbreak declared a pandemic

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 Monkeypox outbreak declared a pandemic

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The World Health Network (WHN) has declared a monkeypox outbreak a pandemic.

The organization has declared a smallpox outbreak monkeys a global emergency. So far, cases have been identified in 58 countries, bringing the total to over 3,417, and the rate of infection is increasing week by week.

WHN's announcement was made ahead of a June 23 meeting of the World Health Organization that will decide about the monkeypox outbreak. The organization called on all public health authorities to apply the precautionary principle and use available, necessary and proven measures to contain and stop the spread of the disease.

The organization noted that so far most cases of infection have been recorded in adults, but any the spread of the disease among children will lead to much more severe cases and more deaths. Infection of animals, especially rats and other rodents, as well as pets, can also make the situation more difficult.

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