Monica's signature dish: Courteney Cox treated Prince Harry with hallucinogens?

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 Monica's Signature Dish: Did Courteney Cox Treat Prince Harry to Hallucinogens?< /p>

The scandalous memoirs of the Duke of Sussex have already raised many questions and revealed many secrets. But not only the life of the author is affected by the book, it pulls out a lot of skeletons from the wardrobes of star acquaintances. Including actress Courteney Cox.

The representative of the British monarchy spoke about how he spent his holidays in California. One of the friends offered to stay at Courtney's house in Los Angeles and the prince, being a passionate fan of the TV series “Friends”, in which Cox played the role of Monica Geller, immediately agreed.

The stay at the actress's house ended with a party , during which Prince Harry went to the refrigerator and found a huge box of candy with hallucinogenic mushrooms. Not knowing about the composition of the delicacy, he and a friend swallowed a few, washed down with tequila. Later, they experienced strong hallucinations.

Courteney Cox commented on the situation, noting that the Duke of Sussex did stay with her, but he was not treated to anything forbidden:

“He stayed here a couple of days, maybe two or three. He really seemed like a good guy to me. I haven't read the book. In fact, I would like to read it, because I heard that it is really interesting. But yes, I was told about it. I'm not saying there were mushrooms! I definitely didn't feed him these candies.

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