Monatic showed a touching photo with her sons: “Wonderful.”

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

Popular Ukrainian singer Dmitriy Monatic shared new pictures from vacation

The artist again made a gift to his fans, reveal the secret of his personal life. Dmitry showed a rare photo with his sons.

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

So, this Sunday, February 10, the artist decided to please his fans in Instagram. Monatic has published a charming family photo, which could be seen two little boys singer.

In front of the camera the star family posed for the back, so the boy is not visible. Monatic settled on the chair near the white piano, on top of which is pictures and awards of the artist. The sons of the singer not stood aside and helped star the daddy to create new music.

“Beautiful Sunday morning.) Append album in six hands.🙌🏾🙌🏼🙌🏽 #MadeWithLoveAndRhythmВсем a great day!☺ it’s amazing #MY”, with humor wrote Monatic.

Earlier Monatic explained to journalists that does not seek to expose their personal lives to the public. He admitted that his children have to choose for themselves whether they want popularity. Therefore, only at the request of the sons of Monatic ever show their faces.

“I think if the kids want to talk about them, will they tell themselves when you’re older. It should be their personal choice,” said Monatic.

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

Earlier, we wrote that the second day of the “blind auditions” stunned celebrity judges and entertainment show “the Voice 9”, unexpected musical styles and voices.

On 27 January, in the evening, on the channel “1+1” was the second episode of “blind auditions” the vocal project “Voice of country”. Coaches this season are showman Potap, singer Tina Karol, artist MONATIK and nominated for “Grammy” Dan Balan.

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The slogan of the ninth season is “the Stars among us.” The project promises to open up previously unknown vocalists from the people. In the period of auditions auditioned more than 10 thousand singers, of whom about 100 were on the “blind listening”.

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

Монатик показал трогательное фото с сыновьями: "Чудесные пупсики"

Before the second broadcast of the famous singer Dmitry Montik decided to show, as he prepares to show “Golos Krainy”. The presenter boasted its own thermos from the organizers of the show, showed the stage and even showed a stylish way.

“Flies are the Cavs. This is my favorite artist of the Cavs, one of. Designed this beautiful t-shirt for beautiful people. That’s why I enjoy flying with them and work”, – jokingly said Dmitry Montik showing your sweater with a fly in their “Stories” that was published in the social network Instagram.

Note, the artist also previously published the announcement of a new edition of the show “Golos Krainy” in your profile. Fans wrote that it is waiting for the second edition of the show and will be happy to hear new voices.

Recall Dorofeeva and Monatik made the fans a big surprise.

As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva admitted to Monetise in something very intimate.

Also Politeka wrote that Monatic during the concert fell on the stage

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