Monadic first showed the grown sons: the singer revealed the secret

Монатик впервые показал подросших сыновей: певец раскрыл главную тайну

Popular Ukrainian singer and composer Dmitry Montik shared with fans touching photos of their sons

As you know, November 22, Thursday, the whole world celebrated the feast Day of the son. Many stars immediately began to put pictures of their kids. So tiny son Ivan showed Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov. Monatik the singer, who rarely and reluctantly talks about his family, too, became a participant of the flash mob, reports

Монатик впервые показал подросших сыновей: певец раскрыл главную тайну

A favorite of millions only once published in the online pictures sons. But in this day, the artist decided to make an exception on his page posted a picture with the boys. To keep the secret Monatik decided this time, sharing the photograph with his sons back. The fans failed to see the face of the heirs of your pet.

“It turns out, today is the day! I heartily congratulate all Moms and Dads! I’m happy to be in Your ranks! Could not imagine, what a joy it is to be a parent. Sincerely all want it!”, — signed photo of the artist.

Монатик впервые показал подросших сыновей: певец раскрыл главную тайну

Recently Dmitry Montik surprised fans with a new bright and emotional music video for “Mending the soul”. In frame artist appears with a pretty young model, which spends the day in Venice. In a recent interview in “high life” singer admitted that his wife hardly jealous of a model that is very similar to it. According to the singer, he still did not give cause for confidence.

“Perhaps somewhere slipped, but hardly jealousy. After all, I don’t give no reason. We understand what a profession and what personal life. And in my personal life I at least I think so, did not give cause for jealousy,” — said the artist.

Monatik admitted that his wife Irina Demicheva when watching the video, “Mending the soul” could remember their romantic walk and talk about the past. According to Mantica, the video Director Tanya Muino actually portrayed his love story.

Recall Dorofeeva and Monatik made the fans a big surprise.

As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva admitted to Monetise something very intimate details.

Also Politeka wrote that Monatic during the concert fell on the stage.

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