Mom Lomachenko spoke about the son was Not special

Мама Ломаченко высказалась о сыне: Не был особенным

Mom Vasyl Lomachenko told about the childhood of the Ukrainian champion

Tatiana Lomachenko, mother of the world champion in easy weight under version WBA Vasyl Lomachenko, shared memories of childhood boxer and also spoke about his upbringing:

“As a child, Bob was strong, brave, not afraid of anything. His story you know he and dancing was engaged in, and football, and basketball, and rowing went. I think it’s the merit of Anatoly Nikolayevich, because he believed in the son and all turned out”.

Мама Ломаченко высказалась о сыне: Не был особенным

Tatyana admits she did not expect such a triumph for his son, but when Vasily brought the first Olympic medal, she became aware that was possible. At the same time, Tatiana had never considered her son is special, but only noted his hard work:

“Was there a moment when I felt that my child is special? No, you didn’t. All — just hard work and everything. He was special — no…”

She also said that Basil took over her stubbornness and emotionality:

Мама Ломаченко высказалась о сыне: Не был особенным

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“The impression that Anatoly even picked up a wife with such a character, so his son became the Olympic champion. When Anatoly Nikolaevich started Dating, we participated in the mass action devoted to Day of physical culture and sport in Kyiv. Then organized the race and we ran a cross from the Kulikovo field to the Palace of sports. The distance is fairly large and during the race Anatoly Nikolaevich was always interested in — if not tired I am, however, despite the fact that I really was not easy, I have not given myself. And later, when we got close, my husband asked whether I spoke the truth. I told him that even if tired, I’ll never admit it. That such was the case. It struck him then.”

Мама Ломаченко высказалась о сыне: Не был особенным

We will remind, Vasily Lomachenko, the world champion in easy weight under version WBA, told about peculiarities of work with his father. Vasyl Lomachenko shared how his father and coach Anatoly prepares a boxer for the games.

“An hour before the fight, he explains to me that I need to do in the ring, he explains my plan to fight my movements, strikes, and I’m a programmer myself, download it all into your head. That’s why I compare my father with game consoles like XBOX or PlayStation. Because of this, I love and respect my father as coach. He explained to me what’s important in life. Tomorrow the money runs out, but tomorrow history will not stop, and she won’t forget you. Boxing for me is not a business, Boxing for me is a sport.”

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