Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

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Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

It was an exciting duel when it was to be decided who would be the first to leave this year’s Farmen season.

Bus driver and TikTok star Robert Michael Scott (54) was chosen as the first champion by the big farmer Thorvald Nyquist (51), despite the fact that he injured earlier in the week. Nyquist justified the choice with a weak work effort and a lack of motivation in Scott.

Scott chose director and photographer Mohammed Sarmadawy (27) as his second champion.

– I feel great and look forward to the south, said a geared Sarmadawy, before they rowed out to the giant cabins.

Sarmadawy had long been in doubt about what to choose as a branch, but eventually chose sawing.

EXCITING TWO: It was an exciting duel between Robert Michael Scott and Mohammed Sarmadawy, where Scott won. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

The duel was even, but in the end it was Scott who managed to saw his way through the four sticks first.

Thus, Sarmadawy became the first participant to leave the Farm.

See what Mohammed thinks about breaking out of the Farm in the video window, at the top of the case.

– Thought I had more to give

TV 2 meets a clearly disappointed Sarmadawy, shortly after the duel.

Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

NO MORE TO GIVE: Mohammed Sarmadawy thought he was going to win, but eventually had to realize that the battle was lost. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– It was extremely hard to break out today. It’s almost like I do not think I have smoked out, he says.

– I thought I had more to give. Even though I was very focused and I had everything I needed, it only went on strike at one point.

It tipped for a long time between two duel branches for Sarmadawy: sawing and sledgehammer.

– In retrospect, you may regret the choice, but there is not much I can do about it – and I still stand by that choice. I know I’ll take the sledgehammer next time.

Big mouthed

It was a bloody affair earlier in the week, when Scott managed to chop in the foot with an ax.

Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

Gave some of the participants an assignment

As first fighter, he therefore talked to all the men on the farm he could choose as second fighter, and heard if they would use his injury against him in a possible duel.

Sarmadawy went out boldly and thought he would beat Scott, regardless of branch. He rejects that he volunteered as a second fighter.

– I did not volunteer to be a second champion. I told Rob that I absolutely did not want to go, and thought it was awkward if he chose me.

Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

EXHAUSTED: Robert Michael Scott was exhausted after the duel, and cheered with full throat when he won. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– Quick to disappoint him

Before Sarmadawy went out to the second giant cabin, he and founder Kjell Strand (55) changed their headgear. A hat to Strand should bring happiness.

For Sarmadawy, there was no luck this time.

– I have had good contact with Kjell and everyone else inside the farm. Kjell only really hoped that I would win. It’s a bit awkward to disappoint him – and everyone else, he says.

Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

GOOD CONTACT: Mohammed Sarmadawy got in good contact with, among others, Kjell Strand, and several of the other participants, inside the farm. Photo: TV 2

Sarmadawy thinks most people were disappointed that it was Scott who was allowed to return to the farm, and not him.

– Did you get a farewell gift when you left?

– No one thought I would leave, so I do not think anyone thought of making a farewell gift. So no, unfortunately I did not.

Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

Mohammed thinks someone is already playing the game

New chance

Even if he has to leave the farm, it does not mean that the Farmen adventure is over. Now Torpet is waiting, and Sarmadawy is looking forward to going to the small farmhouse, Damstua.

– The fact that I get a second chance at Torpet is absolutely magical. I will make full use of it. I will be humble and continue to do my best. Then we can hope it lasts at Torpet, and that I get an opportunity to get back to the gang.

Mohammed first smoked out of the Farm

MOTIVATED: Mohammed Sarmadawy is motivated when he now gets another chance at Torpet. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

At Torpet, Sarmadawy meets three former Farmen participants. There is only room for three people, which means that Sarmadawy must meet one of the other participants in the match shortly.

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See also Torpet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday when you want to TV 2 Play.

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