Mogilev told about the tradition to celebrate the New year a month earlier

Могилевская рассказала о традиции встречать Новый год на месяц раньше

Mogilev told about the tradition to celebrate the New year a month earlier
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Natalia intrigued: the lover will come to support her at the new year concert.

Natalia Mogilev told about the tradition to celebrate the New year on the last day of November and the last day of December. This unusual release, she and other Ukrainian stars found out of the situation that was born as the downside of popularity. It is reported by TSN.

– I’m at work on stage and for me the fact that December 31 – the New year is not a big deal. Before 30 November, we gathered with friends from all over the entire Ukrainian party, and made amazing new year’s celebration. We were visited by many artists, because each of us works December 31, – told the singer.

How and with whom Mogilev held on 30 November this year, and who will hang out new year’s eve (even if, as usual, to speak), the singer confesses. But intriguing: on 4 December in Kiev will be shooting a big concert – “a Night of greatest hits”. Natalia will sing at the Christmas concert, his biggest hit this year was “Pakkala” I will accompany myself on the piano. The singer admitted that her beloved man, whose name she still hides, will appear at this concert. As a spectator, or it will be assigned another role is still unknown.

In addition, Mogilev admitted that at first thought the hit was “Pakkala” is about my mom. But it turned out differently: the song “wrote itself” about love and self-fulfilling love.

– I understand that the track is about what I love, and already two weeks after its writing in my life came true love. So that’s what I will do on a large Christmas concert.

As previously wrote “KP in Ukraine”, in okolomuzykalnyh get-together back in the summer there were rumors that the new love Mogilev – landscape designer and musician Vlad Katsyuba. During a concert tour of Western Ukraine, the singer was often posted in joint stories with a young man. Natalia showed their joint run, how the two of us looking for wild herbs in the forests of the Carpathians. In addition, kotsaba Lavoy played a role in the clip Mogilev “was Pochala”, and even earlier, in the summer, the young man was spotted on the set of the clip of the anthem of Ukraine. Natalia calls Cocabo friend.

Although the last posts to Instagram the singer is devoted to quite other men (with whom Natalia posing in the arms) – “eagle” of the Ukrainian variety art Mikhail Poplavsky and Director of videos Mogilev – Ukrainian national Anthem and songs were Pakkala – Igor of Shvydchenko.


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People’s artist of Ukraine spoke with “KP” in Ukraine” about love, men and song “was Pochala”.

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