Mogilev congratulated Badoev’s racy photos, and Loboda – student history

Могилевская поздравила Бадоева пикантным фото, а Лобода - студенческой историей

Mogilev congratulated Badoev’s racy photos, and Loboda – student history [photos]
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Ukrainian stars appealed to the Director, who is celebrating a birthday.

Ukrainian stars congratulated the Director of videos by Alan Badoev happy birthday. Tayanna, Thank Kaminska, Max Barsky and members of KADNAY showed a photo of two copies of a documentary book about the Director (it was released to the 39 th anniversary of the music video). The stars took the cover of the edition Igor Penacova “Badoev. The world, which was created by Alan” and put next to the same, but opened on pages with your own photos.

Meanwhile, the singer Natalia Mogilevskaya, Svetlana Loboda showed a photo shared with the Director. In Mogilev Badoev sits on the throne, surrounded by Svetlana Loboda, Vera Brezhneva, deceased Zhanna Friske and most of Natalia. Ladies dressed in racy lingerie. Fans considered a photo and caught Mogilev in photoshop. They say, not their figures on the cover of the anniversary issue of men’s magazine XXL, with the caption “10 years of success”.

That said Badoev birthday



“My dear friend! Working with you is always easy and brilliant! Thank you for your ideas and incredible emotions that I lived thanks to you! Happy birthday!”.


“You and I have a long story….

Remember, we students went to nature and each other said that in future examples walls film Directors of their own movie, a movie called “life”!!!

All came true and even more…

Alan @alanbadoev – you are Mega talented man! Appreciate and respect you for the way, courage and stance.

I wish you comfort in everything and great inspiration in Your New Year !

Be healthy and happy!

Your baby LO”.


“I hasten to congratulate our friend, the genius Director who has created for us clips #discogirl and #vdovu – happy Birthday!

@alanbadoev, congratulations!

Be creative and never stop! Inspiration unlimited!

And also congratulations on the release of this beautiful book, part of which we are glad to be!”.



“You’re about to release the biggest interview in the history of Ukrainian show business – a book about Alan Badoeva – 260 pages about a man who changed the industry.

Alan, thank you for what you’re channeling the real beauty of what you see with your own eyes.

Be healthy and infinitely inspired 🙂 your day, the sun Director of the planet.”


“Alan, I am grateful to destiny for our acquaintance! I’m immersed in a completely different dimension, as if caught in a woody Allen film. You taught me to live life, inspire, thereby opening me anew. You’re special, unearthly! Thank you for always help to find the wind. Happy birthday, my inspiration”.



“Happy birthday, Alan!

Thank you for the endless world of beauty that you create every day!”.

Director thanked his colleagues in the comments.


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