Modern music: common genres, popular songs

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 Contemporary music: common genres, popular songs

Music can inspire. Surely almost everyone will agree with this statement. In today's world, there are many different styles and genres of music that people enjoy listening to. In our article, we will find out which representatives of modern society prefer to listen to new songs.

 Contemporary music: common genres, popular songs

The following are considered the most popular genres of music today:

  • classical;
  • rock music;
  • rap;
  • pop music (pop).

Light, calm music or, on the contrary, heavy, disturbing songs – all of the above can be embodied in the classical musical genre. Music lovers prefer to listen to such music for relaxation as well as for meditation. There are people who work to classical works, especially if this activity is directly related to hard mental work.

This direction is also the most popular today. Many young people prefer to download a rock song for free. This genre can be beautiful and melodic, but even in such compositions there are sharp voices that are not sung, but rather they are “shouted”. You can play sports to rock tracks. Bass, guitar as well as percussion instruments such as drums provide more power during physical training. Vivid Russian representatives of this genre include Viktor Tsoi, Yura Khoy and others. As a rule, men like rock.

These days, rap is often closely intertwined and combined with pop music. This is done so that the composition has a large audience. Many tracks have become legends. Now not only the category of teenagers like to listen to rap. Russian rap about love, friendship, betrayal finds a place in the hearts of music lovers of all ages. The most popular representatives of this genre are Basta, Guf.

A direction covering different generations. Pop tracks usually attract the largest audience. Pop can be heard from every club, at friendly parties, on the radio. Most often, they prefer to download music in the “pop” genre. The most popular artists today:

  1. Olga Buzova – An ambitious young lady received many awards for her songs. Although they say that the performer has no voice, this does not prevent her from remaining at the peak of popularity. Light songs like Tangerine, Atoms, and Few Halfs got a lot of fans. Olga launches challenges to make people laugh, promote and advertise her music.
  2. Marie Kraimbreri is an artist whose tracks are often played on the radio. Undoubtedly, the singer is very talented. The most famous tracks are “Call a Taxi”, “On the Tattoo” and others. In her compositions, Marie focuses on the problems of today's youth. That's why they are popular.
  3. Klava Koka – Klava's tracks blew up TOP chats. The most famous of them are “Crash”, “Women”, and also “Left the chat”. The singer writes the lyrics herself.

Today, everyone can enjoy their favorite songs online. To do this, you just need to visit a specialized music portal.

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