Mobilized AWOL drunk to unconsciousness and wallow in the entrances of houses

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 Mobilized AWOL drunk drunk and lying in the entrances of houses < /p>

Residents of house No. 4 on Bigicheva Street in Kazan complain about men in military uniform who have been living in the entrance for several days – drink, sleep, sort things out, to put it mildly, cause inconvenience.

In the chat of the tenants, the alarm is sounded:

“Some people in military uniform appeared in our house, drunk and absolutely inadequate, says one of the messages. – Today, two of them were in the 5th entrance on the 3rd and 4th floors, breaking in the door. During the day, about six people were sitting in a deranged state. Perhaps someone has information about who they are visiting?»

No one seems to have information. Residents are dealing with the problem on their own. One of the women, for example, said that she was forced to kick out a man in uniform from the 6th entrance, because her daughter was walking home, and she was afraid for the girl.
Some residents assumed that mobilized people had settled in the entrance. Allegedly, AWOL, they drink, scaring the residents, and also beg at the nearest store.

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