Mitsubishi has developed a lamp in the form of skylights that mimic daylight: photos

Mitsubishi розробила лампи у вигляді вікон в стелі, які імітують денне світло: фото

Misola lamp from Mitsubishi
/ siecledigital

Mitsubishi has proposed an unusual solution to raise the tone of the office staff. The Japanese company has developed Misola bulb that simulates natural daylight.

Lamp Misola made in the form of skylights. The main area of the device is a special blue plate, which mimics the color of the sky. A distinctive feature of the Mitsubishi project is that this system is dynamic. All the elements of the lamp during the day to change the lighting depending on the specified parameters. It can simulate the sunlight at dawn, daylight, as well as the West.

This is not the first attempt to simulate natural daylight using office lamps. It is argued that in most similar lighting systems, lamps distribute light in all directions. System Mitsubishi is smarter – it simulates directional light. Thus represented by only three parties of four, that’s more like sunlight.

The lamp will go on sale in October 2020. The device will be sold in two variations: with manual switching and automatic. The first will cost $ 6,200, and the second will cost 6800 dollars.

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