Missing woman found in python's belly in Indonesia

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 In Indonesia, a missing woman was found in the belly of a python

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In Indonesia, a 54-year-old missing woman was found in the belly of a python.

According to The Mirror, the deceased went to the forest for rubber and disappeared.

Relatives sounded the alarm and went in search. In the forest, they found a snake with a noticeable bulge. They ripped open the belly of the python and found the missing one.

Representatives of the leadership of the village of Terjun-Gadzha, where the deceased lived, explained that the python, apparently, bit the woman, after which he wrapped himself around her and strangled her, after which engulfed her completely.

“The attack victim did not return home. She said goodbye to her loved ones and went to the garden to collect rubber. The family notified the local authorities of the disappearance, after which the search began”, — said a management representative.

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