Missing astronomer found dead next to space telescope in Chile

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 Missing astronomer found dead near space telescope in Chile

The body of British astronomer Thomas Marsh, who went missing in September, was discovered by the police. The 60-year-old professor at York University, who worked at the La Silla Observatory near the Atacama Desert in the Chilean city of Coquimbo, according to Futurism.com

The search, which began shortly after Marsh disappeared in mid-September, was expanded after how his clothes and mobile phone were found nearby. Approximately 55 days after his disappearance, authorities found Marsh's body, stripped to the waist, “in close proximity” from the observatory.

The astronomer spent four days at La Silla, part of the European Space Observatory and home to the cutting-edge New Technology Telescope. It houses 18 telescopes. The location at an altitude of about 2400 meters above sea level made the search for Marsh especially difficult, since it is a remote foothill area in the southern part of the Atacama Desert, the driest region in the world.

hours of Marsh's life and caused his death. One of the main versions of the investigation is that he just went for a walk and soon got lost. However, according to one of his colleagues, Marsh “knew the area very well” because he had worked and taught there many times before.

A British student who traveled with Marsh to the observatory was a key witness to this mystery. According to a statement he gave to the police, Marsh said “something very strange” to a student the day before he disappeared. and scolded him for lack of initiative.

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