Miss Turkey could go to jail because he compared the President’s supporters with the menstrual discharge

18-year-old girl was deprived of the title through a controversial tweet, now her case was assigned to the Prosecutor’s office of Turkey.

Міс Туреччина може потрапити у в&#039язницю, тому що порівняла прихильників президента з менструальними виділеннями

This bloody history to better understand consistently, reports Rus.Media. On the night of July 16, 2016 in Turkey’s revolt against the regime of incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to the official version, he arranged for the military elite, semi-formal, a longtime opponent of Erdogan, who fled to the United States, conspiracy — Erdogan himself. The coup failed. Killed hundreds of supporters of the incumbent President and some hundreds of the rebels.

The main political consequences of the events considered almost unlimited expansion of the powers of the President and mass arrests, closed trials and layoffs across the country. Human rights activists estimate the number of those who fell under the repressive mechanisms in the tens of thousands. The dead supporters of the President of the Pro-government media calls “martyrs”, about them said in a tweet girl.

July 15, 2017, the anniversary of the rebellion, famous Turkish model with the sonorous name Itir Esen wrote in his Twitter the following: “in the Morning I got my period, it’s in honor of the martyrs on July 15. I celebrate this day, bleeding profusely, as he emerged martyrs” (quoted by BBC).

Tweet go unnoticed until the girl of the title “Miss Turkey”. Soon, reporters replicate the strange statement, the contest organizer collects the special Committee on ethics and quickly decides to take her title. The girl released a statement that didn’t mean anything political, but the Turkish Prosecutor’s office felt that this is not enough.

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However, this is not the first case of conflict the titled beauties with the government of Turkey.

The winner of the title 2006 2016 was sentenced to 14 months in prison (pending execution) for a satirical poem about Erdogan, as published in social networks.

Міс Туреччина може потрапити у в&#039язницю, тому що порівняла прихильників президента з менструальними виділеннями

Meanwhile, miss Israel and miss Iran took a group selfie and wished to be friends, which caused hysteria in the diplomatic missions of their countries.

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