Miss France arrives in Israel with COVID

Miss France, who arrived in Israel, fell ill with COVID

The Jerusalem Post found out that the participant in the Miss Universe contest, who was diagnosed with the coronavirus upon arrival in Israel, was Miss France Clemence Botino. After receiving a positive test result, the girl was quarantined.

The organizers of the competition confirmed the information that one of the participants was infected with the coronavirus, but her name was not disclosed. The girl is known to have been fully vaccinated and tested for COVID before leaving. A positive test result was obtained upon arrival.

Everyone who came into contact with the sick participant was warned. It is not yet known what strain the participant got sick with, more research will be carried out.

As a reminder, the Miss Universe beauty pageant will take place on December 12 in Israel. The authorities decided not to cancel the competition, despite the closure of entry for foreigners and the detection of cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus.

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