Miss Belgium lost bra on stage (video)

Міс Бельгія загубила бюстгальтер прямо на сцені (відео)

Miss Belgium lost “breast” on the catwalk
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The winner of Miss Belgium 2020 is not so easy on the crown project, because on the way to his goal she lost the bra and ganules on stage. But he came out of the situation beautifully!

The most important beauty contest was held in Belgium, where it is not without its oddities even by the winner. 23-year-old Celine van Uytsel, which is engaged in legal business and has a dazzling smile, was crowned Miss Belgium in 2020.

However, during a fashion show she can not keep his balance and fell, and the icing on the cake was the lost bra. But even from this situation, the blonde came out with dignity, smiling and making a nod. Record this moment, is rapidly gaining popularity in the network. So now with Miss Belgium suffer not only inhabitants of her native country.

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